Incite is part of a new connective: announcing Kin + Carta

An evolving group

When Incite was acquired in 2012, it represented one of the first steps on a journey that has taken our parent St Ives from a well-respected printing firm to becoming a group of leading marketing services companies. With the disposal of the final legacy businesses earlier this year, that journey is now complete.

But the shape of our holding company isn’t all that’s changed: we’re now a more integrated group with a new way of doing business: a way that’s designed to meet the challenges that so many clients are facing today, disruptions and opportunities brought about by developments in technology, digital and the application of new burgeoning data sources.

A new chapter

And to reflect this new chapter in our history, our group has a new name: Kin + Carta.

‘Kin’ means family. We’re not just a group of disparate agencies. We collaborate seamlessly with each other and our clients, recognising that we are stronger together.

‘Carta’ reflects the map we provide for our clients. Helping them navigate the evolving world and plotting a clear path to the future.

Our sister companies help clients bring new connected experiences to life throughout the customer lifecycle: through search and ecommerce, through web and app-based services, through CRM applications that support efficient acquisition and retention of customers.

Putting the customer – sometimes a consumer, a user or a patient – at the heart of marketing planning has been what Incite has always been about: helping clients make and implement better decisions that are informed by the real humans they are trying to serve. But the toolbox with which they can deliver to customers has changed beyond recognition over the past few years. Being part of Kin + Carta, means we are integrated with specialists who don’t just understand the needs of today’s consumers, but can create and execute innovative ways of meeting those needs that deliver real competitive advantage for our clients.

An exciting connected future

Our industry has been getting to grips with its own disruption over many years: the fragmentation of media, consumer behaviour and distribution channels have all presented challenges. New data sources, agile working and self-serve research have all threatened established ways of working. Being part of a family who are natives in this new connected world represents a huge opportunity for us to stay ahead of the game and deliver services that are fit for purpose and reflect the changing challenges of all our clients.

It’s a future we relish and look forward to discussing with you soon.